The Heart Quest

First of all, hello.

I am Sarah Seif; a girl who has been doing communications and communicating values of brands and people to the world for almost a decade now.. From communicating governmental efforts to citizens or doing ads for corporates for more sales and awareness. I teach now Online Communications & Online Behavior, at my home university of which I earned my BA & MA from (The American University in Cairo)…

& I thought to myself — what is communications without seeking certain values to connect to the hearts of target audiences..

Bottom line, all brands (people and businesses) are all on a heart-quest..

A journey that connects the soul of the brand (people or business) with other people..

It’s always the resonance of the heart with what the brand communicates.

So, I decided to be on this quest — this heart-quest, a journey for exploring the heart behind businesses, people and personal brands.

Thank you for being here now. I hope (fingers crossed) the weekly article connects a certain brand to your heart; inspiring you to communicate from your heart to another…

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