Breaking Age Barriers

Well, today im 25 years old..

I’m a University Instructor, Former Associate Minister, Former Teaching Assistant, Communications Consultant in the Egyptian Government , Philanthropist having a Foundation and an Advertising Account Supervisor at an advertising agency.

The thing is, people always framed me with my age , headlines in the press usually shouts out “THE YOUNGEST …… in … “

Somedays I take it as a compliment, other times I think its just limiting to one’s potential.. Or basically limiting to all youth’s potential..

Thinking about it, being yelled out in the press as the “Youngest” with a surprised attitude (bad or good) , only means that youth weren’t meant to reach their maximum potential at a young age.. Its like big positions were only meant to bigger aged people, or in other words, more experienced (in terms of also age).. while in fact im gladly and happily proud to aim at changing that perception , one step at a time, one achievement at a time.. or one position at a time.

For the past two years of my life, where Ive reached places that due to the status quo , only older people reach at older age; ive received hate speech more than ever.. Not because of anything, but rather cause of my age..
People simply disregard young age’s potential to reach anywhere.. People simply look at younger generations with a long road ahead, and only with alot of years , theyll reach somewhere..

But what happens if things were reversed.. Youth at a younger age were bound to take leadership positions, change the status quo , roar with their voices and take the drivers seat for a while.. Oh, and that becomes the new norm.. Wouldn’t that be cool for a change?

I think its 2021, and almost 2022.. In such an era, the world should know no ageism, no judgement on milestones based on age (positive or negative) .. I think the world would be a better place not putting numbers to anything really.. Not on age, not on years of experience nor anything really.

Numbers were so, yesterday.

A Person’s Mindset is THE Determinant of the day.

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