Sarah’s World

A Professional Communicator on a Heart-Quest…

Being a professional communicator for almost a decade now, If there’s one thing I promise you it is that :

Whatever is communicated from the heart, goes to another heart directly .. That is my promise & what I do everyday.

I look for the heart of people and brands to communicate from their hearts to impact other hearts.. That is what I do in a nutshell..

I think I’ve said enough about me and my quest ..

But, this quest started years ago with multiple professional and educational stops leading to where I am now.. Below is everything you need to know about my full journey.

I have a dream, a vision & a quest…

I write about it here on a weekly basis.

Sarah Seif

I’d love to get in touch with you too and know more about you & your brand heart-quest.

If that is mutual, you can drop me a line here.
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Cairo, Egypt